Pixel art is making a comeback... Lets just say we tower over the competition.

PixelTower.com is the world's preeminent collection of member-generated Apartments sitting in 1 regenerative tower, in which manufacturing, buying, selling, and tagging images in your Library dynamically result as a visual search engine. Each apartment is owned, operated, and updated by you.

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We are currently in the beta stage, and you can participate by invite-only.
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Pixel Art is a technique that appeared in 2d video games about 20 years ago. It basically dissappeared when new technologies drove 3d gaming into an entertainment empire. Now with the internet, mobile gaming, and a thirst for retro-cool... pixels are coming back.
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What is Pixel Art?

Pixel art is distinguished from other forms of digital art by an insistence upon manual, pixel-level editing of an image (without the application of image filters, automatic anti-aliasing or special rendering modes), often at close magnification. In this form, it is commonly said that "each pixel was placed carefully" to achieve a desired result... Read More

Long-Awaited Styles

Just about 4 years ago, Mr Wong attempted to bring back isometric art in a growing tower. It had been almost 20 years since the styles inceptional popularity...Read More