Do you like to create stuff? For professionals, aspiring designers, and pixel fans alike..

Ok, so we all know that this pixel-stuff is really cool-looking but it takes so long to make an image,
how are we able to monetize?
Here's the scenario:

You make a nice little television all in pixels (pixel art), and it takes you 2 hours. It looks neat, it looks sweet, and now you can sell it to the masses but for how much? On Average, the cost to purchase images will be about $1 in the denomination of credits, since the economy on allows credit packages to be bought for very little money, in-turn, allowing the consumer, or user purchasing the graphic from you, to make multiple purchases without cleaning out their wallet.

So, now you are thinking "Well, what's the incentive for me if I only made $1 in 2 hours of work?".
Heres the thing. 1 User bought your Television for a buck, and you really wind up only making about 75 cents after you cash out your credits into dollars, which makes the thought of making any money, even worse then before. Uhg!

Now let's say 10,000 users purchase the Television you made, because lets face it, televisions are cool to have anywhere, right? Now you've just made 75 cents x 10,000 which equals $7500.00. So now, how does 7500 bucks for two hours of work sound? That's what we thought too. =)

We are currently in the beta stage, and you can participate by invite-only.
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Pixel Art is a technique that appeared in 2d video games about 20 years ago. It basically dissappeared when new technologies drove 3d gaming into an entertainment empire. Now with the internet, mobile gaming, and a thirst for retro-cool... pixels are coming back.
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